What's the plan?

We’ve created a plan for reading the Bible that takes you through the whole of the New Testament and Psalms in a year, and the Old Testament over three years. This works out at about two or three chapters a day. There’s a reading from each testament Monday to Friday, and psalms between some of the books of the Old Testament, and at the weekend.

Reading the Bible by yourself is an excellent thing to do but we want to do this as a community so that we can encourage one another and learn from each other. That’s why we’ve created a plan that we’ll be encouraging as many people as possible to use, so that you can chat with others in your small group, serving teams, and at Sunday meetings about what you’ve been reading, knowing that they’ve been reading the same thing! You will be able to share with one another what you’re hearing from God, as well as what you’re finding difficult. Getting other perspectives will help broaden your own, and they will benefit from yours.

Download 2020's plan here.