Free From

Paul’s letter to the Galatians is full of great news about all the things that Jesus has freed us from. This preaching series is all about the hope and the liberty that Christians have – and how God is offering this wonderful new life to any who put their faith in Him.

Free From Human Ideologies

2015-01-11 - Dan Hudson

Free From A Destructive Lifestyle

2015-01-18 - Luke Davydaitis

Free From Tightfistedness

2015-01-25 - Luke Davydaitis

Free From Compromise

2015-02-01 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Free From the Past

2015-02-08 - Dan Hudson

Free From the Curse

2015-03-01 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Free From Relying On Laws

2015-03-08 - Dan Hudson

Free From Hierarchy

2015-03-22 - Luke Davydaitis

Free From Slavery

2015-03-29 - Dan Hudson

Free From Nit-Picking

2015-04-12 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Free From An Earthly Mindset

2015-04-19 - Dan Hudson

Free From Division

2015-05-17 - Luke Davydaitis

Free From Our Weaknesses

2015-05-31 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Free From Consumerism

2015-06-07 - Andy Wall

Free To Boast

2015-06-21 - Luke Davydaitis