Staying Healthy

1 & 2 Timothy

Jesus came to give us His life in abundance, He has made every Christian into a new creation and has sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in us. So Christians should be full of the life of God at all times, shouldn't they? Well, it doesn't always seem like that, and the Bible is too realistic to pretend otherwise. The apostle Paul's letters are one of many places which show that we are always in need of reminders and challenges to live the life we've been given.

Several times in his letters to Timothy, Paul talks about what healthy Christianity looks like. This series will be looking at how we can have a healthy view of God, healthy relationships with others, and how we can stay faithful, whatever is happening in our lives.

This isn't a New Year's resolution-type kickstart to 2017, this is about following Jesus and being full of His life in the long haul of life, so we will be devoting fifteen Sundays to this series.

A Healthy View Of God (Part 1)

2017-01-15 - Dan Hudson

The letters of 1 and 2 Timothy were written, first and foremost, to tell us about God, and so they are key to helping us maintain a healthy view of Him.

A Healthy Relationship With Government

2017-01-22 - Luke Davydaitis

How should we relate to our governments? Paul is insistent that we pray for them, and focus on what matters most: the Kingdom of God.

Healthy Relationships: Paul & Timothy

2017-01-29 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Matt looked at the closeness of Paul and Timothy’s relationship, how Paul saw himself as a father to Timothy. He didn’t let his ministry become so business-like that there wasn’t time for heart-felt expressions of belonging. Paul commends Timothy’s mother and grandmother for their godly care of him. Finally, Paul exhorts Timothy to keep stirring up the prophetic gifting within him that he’d received at the laying on of hands from the elders and Paul himself.

Be Content

2017-02-05 - Luke Davydaitis

God wants us to be content in Him, and what’s at stake with our contentment couldn’t be more serious. This isn’t a nice lifestyle option but a matter of life and death.

The Spirit of Power, Love, and Self-control

2017-02-19 - Luke Davydaitis

God is eager to give us Himself, His Holy Spirit, so that we can bless others and love Him more.

How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

2017-02-26 - Karen Capon

Faith is a gift from God and something we have to fight with and for.

The Kind of Leader God Requires

2017-03-05 - Dan Hudson

What Kind of leader should you be and what kind of leader should you follow?

Healthy Relationships: Family Responsibilities

2017-03-12 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Are you in tune with God's heart for the weak and vulnerable? We are called to take care of those in our families and to to show God's love for the vulnerable in very practical ways.

Men & Women, and Church Leadership

2017-03-19 - Luke Davydaitis

Gender is a gift from God which we should celebrate. It’s also a complicated and emotive issue which requires careful understanding and application of what the Bible says.

Song of Salvation

2017-03-26 - Dan Hudson

In the Song of Salvation in 1 Timothy 3:16, Paul explores the wonders of Christ's incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension and ongoing mission to a world that he will one day return to. God calls you to sing this song with faith, wonder and gratitude.

How to Endure

2017-04-09 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

We will all face serious challenges to our faith, like both Paul and Timothy did. God promises to help us through these times as we trust and obey Him.

The Resurrection

2017-04-16 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Jesus didn't just rise from the dead, He is alive forevermore! Right now, there is a man in Heaven representing us. Here are four statements to help us understand Easter and resurrection.

A Healthy View Of God (Part 2)

2017-04-23 - Luke Davydaitis

Seeing God in His glory is vital for all of us, and as we look clearly at Him, we see how He sees us, and this fills us with hope.

Hope in Death and Judgment

2017-04-30 - Dan Hudson

Death for the Christian is to be approached with confidence and hope.

Scripture is God-breathed

2017-05-07 - Nathanael Smith

Christians often feel like they hit a plateau with their understanding of the Bible, but God's word is reliable, rich, provocative and Christ-centred. There's always more to get from it.

Don't Wander Off

2017-05-14 - Luke Davydaitis

All of us are at risk of wandering away from God and His ways, but through His life-changing power and the formation of good habits we can stay faithful to Him.