If This Then That

Changing seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring are a fact of life. Christian experience is also lived through differing seasons of life. Through seasons of blessing, sorrow, change and confusion God is at work to make us more like Jesus. If This Then That gives us biblical principles for how to best respond in some common seasons that we experience: loss, change, self-doubt, waiting, decision-making, storms of life and loneliness.

The Season of Loss

2017-05-28 - Dan Hudson

While we may long for our lives to be predictably enjoyable, the reality is that the seasons of our life change. We're wise to prepare for the season of loss.

The Season of Change

2017-06-04 - Jackie Sihota

Life is full of change! Change we choose, change we pursue, sometimes change we didn't ask for that we have to embrace. The way we deal with change speaks volumes about the God we believe in.

The Season of Self-Doubt

2017-06-11 - Dan Hudson

We all battle with self-confidence during our lives. God wants to grow you, just like Paul and Timothy, through this season so that you find godly confidence in Him.

The Season of Rejoicing

2017-06-18 - Luke Davydaitis

Christians should be joyful at all times – not because everything that happens to them is a cause of joy but because our coming inheritance far outweighs whatever is happening now.

The Season of Storms

2017-06-25 - Phil Brown

A storm is a 'violent disturbance of the atmosphere'. They are uncomfortable, they are unsettling and they are unwelcome! We all go through storms, therefore it's important for us to know how to react – we need to draw close to Jesus.

The Season of Waiting

2017-07-02 - Luke Davydaitis

As creatures whose existence is fixed in a single moment of time and space, waiting is a normal part of life. It’s also an opportunity to trust and prove God, and anticipate the eternal joy He has prepared for us.

The Season of Decision-Making

2017-07-09 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

God cares about the decisions we make and wants us to honour Him in these choices. He graciously gives us examples to learn from and principles to apply in order to make good decisions.

The Season of Loneliness

2017-07-16 - Andy Wall

Loneliness is a major issue in our society but we have a God who sets the lonely in families. Through the church, we can invite the lonely into a loving family.