The Power of One

How a united church can bless a divided world, from Ephesians 4:4-6.

One Body

2018-05-06 - Dan Hudson

God wants you to see his church as he does. To love your local church. To love his church in this city. To love his church around the world. To love his church in eternity.

One Hope

2018-05-13 - Luke Davydaitis

Christian hope isn’t wishful thinking, it’s confident anticipation of the good things to come that God has promised and already begun. This hope should shape how we live our lives and be a witness to the world around us.

One Baptism

2018-05-20 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

One Baptism, Christ’s first initiation declaration for all believers.

One Faith

2018-05-27 - Luke Davydaitis

Why are Christians commanded to “make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit”, and how can we do this? By exploring what our faith is, we get both an explanation of why this is so important, and how to do it.

One Lord

2018-06-03 - Dan Hudson

At the centre of Christian faith is “one Lord”, together with One Father and One Spirit. Trinitarian understanding of God is a vital part of our faith.

One Spirit

2018-06-10 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

To have one body, united and joined together, with no divisions and quarrelling, we need to understand that every believer starts in the same way, being born of the The Spirit of God.

One God and Father

2018-06-17 - Dan Hudson

God is Father! He wants us, his children, to know him as Father.