Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Abel's Sacrifice

2018-07-01 - Luke Davydaitis

Abel is the first hero of faith listed in Hebrews 11 and his brief life speaks to us about silence, sacrifice, and suffering.

Amram and Jochebed's Courage

2018-07-08 - Lydia Simpson

Enoch's Walk

2018-07-15 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

God took Enoch, so that he did not see death, because he was pleased with the faith he saw in him, and the way he walked with God. This speaks to us of the future for us. We look forward to eternity with God, because God also sees our faith in his son.

Noah's Faith

2018-07-22 - Dan Hudson

Rahab's Welcome

2018-07-29 - Andy Wall

Rahab welcomed and hid two spies at the risk of her life because she realised the power and love of God, what can be our response to God’s never ending love today?

Jacob's Hands

2018-08-05 - Luke Davydaitis

Jacob is more of an antihero than a hero of faith but he shows us how God never accepts anyone based on their own merits, and in his last days demonstrated his faith in the promises that God had given him.

Abraham's Test

2018-08-05 - Simon Elliott

Abraham's life is a powerful example to us of faith on the move but how did he respond when God asked him to make the greatest sacrifice, and what can we learn about God from this story?

Israel's Crossing

2018-08-12 - Josh Oldfield

The Israelites crossing the Red Sea pointed to their identity in God and the life they were to lead with Him, and this helps us with what our identity and life with God should be like.

Sarah's Calculation

2018-08-12 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Sarah needed to have personal faith that God was speaking, and the same is true for us today.

Abraham's Obedience

2018-08-19 - Hannah Deans

God calls us to live a life of faith in an unpredictable world like Abraham did. Also like Abraham, we can discover that this is the best way to live and that God will give us all we need to do it.

Moses' Allegiance

2018-08-19 - George Gibson

We're faced with so many temptations around us to live like everyone else but Moses' story shows us that even the best that this world has to offer is brief and barely-satisfying compared with what God offers us.

Israel's Conquest

2018-08-26 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Jericho's walls fell down through Israel's corporate faith that enabled them to do exactly what God told them to, and so God brought the walls down. As a church we must also have corporate faith that enables us to obey God.

Isaac's eyesight

2018-08-26 - Luke Davydaitis

Although Christians often use the word "blessing" quite casually, Genesis 37 tells us that when Isaac blessed Jacob, something real happened. If we learn what it is to be blessed and to bless, we'll understand God's heart for us better, and be all the more keen to do good to others.

Moses' Passover

2018-09-02 - Nathanael Smith

Moses kept the Passover at the instruction of God, a very specifically designed meal with instructions to keep the Israelites safe as the angel of death passed over. We can learn from this meal, and the way that Jesus used it, about different types of freedom that God offers.