Wise Up

Everyone has questions about how to live because we all need wisdom. This summer series will help you live wisely, from practical advice for daily living to understand what ultimate wisdom is about.

Two Kinds of Wisdom

2015-06-28 - Dan Hudson

The Wisdom Of Rest

2015-07-05 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

A Wise Tongue

2015-07-12 - Dave Hill

Wisdom In Suffering, Part I

2015-07-19 - Luke Davydaitis

Wisdom in Generosity

2015-07-26 - Michael Hale

The Pursuit of Wisdom

2015-08-02 - Andy Wall

Wise Parenting

2015-08-16 - Karen Capon

Wisdom in Suffering, Part II

2015-08-23 - Luke Davydaitis

Wisdom in Debate

2015-08-30 - Nathanael Smith

Wisdom in Worship

2015-09-06 - Gordon Rouse

2022-05-20 -

Daughters of Zelophehad

2023-07-16 - Lydia Simpson