Songs of the Servant King

We're preparing for Easter by looking at Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus, the Servant King who came to die for us.

Beholding Jesus

2019-03-31 - Luke Davydaitis

The first of Isaiah’s “servant songs” tells us many wonderful things about Jesus and helps us to see Easter as the fulfilment of God’s great plan.

Salvation to the Ends of the Earth

2019-04-07 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Matthew spoke about the over-arching purposes of God in choosing a people and promising to Abraham that through his seed all the nations of the world would be blessed.

The Suffering Substitute

2019-04-14 - Luke Davydaitis

The final Servant Song in Isaiah confronts us with our wretched sinfulness and the horror of the cross, and gives us the hope that God will deal with our sins at the cross and give us Jesus’s righteousness instead.

How the Risen Jesus Transforms Lives

2019-04-21 - Dan Hudson

Dan spoke about how in Luke 4 Jesus quotes Isaiah 61 to show how He is the answer and what that really means for us.