How to Live when the World is Upside Down

We're looking at the example and the message of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah to help us handle living in chaotic and difficult days. His story is famous for being desperately hard and not immediately very fruitful but his incredible faith in God and relationship with God are encouraging, and they point us towards Jesus, the ultimate prophet, who faithfully obeyed God and suffered greatly for it – but was triumphant.

Living in God's Sovereignty

2020-04-19 - Luke Davydaitis

Our new preaching series starts in Jeremiah 1 with looking at how God revealed His plans to Jeremiah. This story teaches us about God's sovereignty – His knowledge and power – and how we should respond to Him.

Living Faithfully

2020-04-26 - Dan Hudson

Living Close to God

2020-05-03 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

Matt continues our preaching series on the book of Jeremiah with a message about 'Staying Close and Malleable to God'

Living with God's Word in us

2020-05-10 - Hannah Kelly

In this message, Hannah explains the context around Jeremiah's response to God in Jeremiah chapter 20 and looks at the big story of God's promises to His people and what those mean to us today.

Living in the Love of God

2020-05-17 - Dan Hudson

A look at Lamentations 3:21-26, written by the prophet Jeremiah, shows us that living in the love of God is far more important that just keeping calm and carrying on.

Living as Exiles

2020-05-24 -

Living in a New Relationship with God

2020-05-31 - Dan Hudson

Living with Future Hope

2020-06-07 - Chris Rawson