Students of Edinburgh: welcome!

Starting your life as a student in Edinburgh is an amazing and challenging time. At King’s Church, we believe that being part of a local church community is one of the most important things you can do; it will enable you to thrive as a student and as a follower of Jesus. Being in a vibrant, loving church is one of the best ways to grow in your faith, navigate student life and make lifelong friends.


The biggest King’s event of the week is, of course, Sunday. Join us at 10.30am or 6pm every week. Click here for the full story of what our services are like. Here are the headlines: we love the word of God and teach from it every week; we welcome the Holy Spirit into our times of worship; we’re relaxed, friendly and fun, never taking ourselves too seriously.

Every morning meeting will be followed by a free student lunch during term time. It’s a great opportunity to hang out and rest on a Sunday afternoon, and reassure your mum that you’re eating at least one square meal a week.


Students also hang out in the middle of the week in what we call small groups (also known in other places as life, cell or home groups… all the same thing!) Basically it’s just a place to read the bible, eat some food, sing, talk about your faith, that kind of thing. They happen every week, they’re led by other students and they’re the best thing you can do in the middle of the week. How do you get involved? Well, meet any regular at King’s and they’ll probably invite you along - everyone is welcome.

We want you, as students at King’s, to be a full part of the life of the church:

  • Invite your friends to our Alpha course or one of our big events to see what God could do in their lives.
  • Join a Sunday serving team to help with kids work, tech, welcome and more.
  • Take part in one of our regular outreach groups to local parents or the elderly community.
  • Try out street evangelism with our team that head out on Saturday mornings to share the gospel.
  • Donate food to our basics bank, serving the local community.
  • Discover many, many more ways that you can get stuck into the life of King’s Church.


We are totally committed to helping you walk in God’s plans for your life. Our leadership team (Nathanael, Carrie and Rachel) want to help you realise your potential as people made in the image of God and loved by him.

When you come to King’s, you’ll be a part of a family, so we’ll be looking out for you, alongside your amazing small group leaders and the wider church, too. Some of you have got big questions about God; we have an amazing course, done with just two or three people, that will help you find your foundations as a disciple. Many of you will face struggles at university; that’s when your small group leader or your church friends can be there to listen. Most of you will love your time at uni - we’re there to cheer you on, to challenge you, to help you become the person God has made you to be.

We’d love to hear from you - you can get in touch via students@kingschurchedinburgh.org, follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group.