The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation

Luke Davydaitis

The gift of tongues is one of the more unusual gifts that the Holy Spirit, but we’re clearly encouraged in the Bible to seek it and be blessed by it. It will do us good, and with interpretation can do others good as well.

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  • What is your experience of the gifts of tongues and interpretation?

  • Why would God want to give us this gift?

  • Given Paul’s very positive opinion of tongues, especially in our personal prayer life, what might put someone off asking for it, or growing in it?

  • Luke shared how Jackie Pullinger’s ministry to homeless people and drug addicts in Hong Kong was radically changed by her disciplined practice of speaking in tongues every day. How could you ensure that speaking in tongues became part of your daily lifestyle?

  • How can you as a small group encourage each other in these gifts?