Jesus is Alive, so What? (Evening)

Nathanael Smith

Jesus is alive, and that changes everything.

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That’s the question tackled by both sermons on Sunday. The evening meeting started by talking about a garden and how Jesus was buried in a garden tomb that had previously not seen death in it before – it’s Eden all over again, but this time life is being brought back to humankind. The resurrection of Jesus restored humanity’s relationship with God and defeated death for all who put their trust in him.

This gives hope to all sorts of people. It gives hope to Nicodemus, a man who once was too scared of losing status and reputation to talk to Jesus in public, now shamelessly honouring Jesus in his death. It gives hope to Peter, a violent rebel who only days earlier had denied ever knowing Jesus. It gives hope to Mary Magdalene, who saw hope break into despair, light break into darkness. It’s the greatest triumph ever and it changes everything for us.


  • Jesus aside, what’s the greatest victory you’ve ever witnessed? Sports, personal achievements etc.

  • Do you agree with Paul that if Christ isn’t resurrected, then Christianity falls apart?

  • What stops us from living fully in the triumph of Easter?

  • How does Easter affect us as a church community?

  • How does Easter affect our evangelism?