Shepherds after God's own heart

God calls certain men to care for the church by serving as elders. This two-part series examines what the Bible has to say about the calling and character of elders: what they do, who they should be, and how this is good news for everyone in the church.

If you'd like more information on what we think about leadership at King's, we have a document that you can read here

The Calling of Eldership

2018-10-07 - Luke Davydaitis

The New Testament churches were led by teams of elders, which is a model we have shaped our church on. Here we explain the thinking behind this, what elders should do, and how the church can respond to them.

The Character of Eldership

2018-10-14 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

1 Timothy and Titus highlight 10 qualities needed for Eldership that should also be aspired to by all followers of Jesus.