We Are Family

Small churches are often described as having a family feel but the New Testament is emphatic that every church is a family. This short preaching series looks at five things we at King's need to understand and do in order to be the family God wants us to be.


2019-04-28 - Andy Wall

God has adopted us into His family and He wants us to know Him as our Father. Andy explores what this means.


2019-05-05 - Sandy Deans

This week Sandy challenged us not to get cosy but reminded us of what Jesus has done for us and how that compels us to stand in the posture of Christ.


2019-05-19 - Luke Davydaitis

The Lord’s Supper makes us look back with thankfulness to the cross, look forward with hope to the return of Jesus, look in at ourselves honestly and consider if we’re in good relationships with others, and look out with love at the family God has placed us in.


2019-05-26 - Dan Hudson

If we want to find Christ-like maturity, we need to follow the road called love. This is a hard road, it’s uphill all the way.


2019-06-02 - Chris Rawson

In order for us to function as the Family of God, we need to practise regular, simple, real hospitality to those inside and outside of the church.