Simply Christmas

Christmas time is full of unique joys and unique pressures. "Simply Christmas" looks at three areas that come especially into view at this time of year: Friendship, family and time. What does the coming of Jesus into the world mean in these three areas?

Simply Friendship

2015-11-29 - Dan Hudson

Christmas is a time that focuses our attention on what matters. Friendship is a key ingredient of what makes us tick as human beings. This message aims to help us evaluate the simplicity of what friendship is.

Simply Family

2015-12-06 - Matthew Clifton-Brown

We can see family gatherings as something to be put up with, or a great opportunity to bring grace to people that you're connected to.

Simply Time

2015-12-13 - Luke Davydaitis

The Christmas story, like the whole of the Bible, shows us that God is in charge of time. This frees us from seeing time as a tyrant and we can instead use it as a tool. Luke gives four ways we can do this.