Building Good Foundations into our Lives Now, in Preparation for a Healthy Marriage

Matthew and Ann Clifton-Brown

In Colossians Paul talks about 5 key issues that we can build as practices in our lives now to save a lot of strife later on; whether one gets married or not.

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Colossians 3: 5-16

Matt and Ann talked about how these things have been crucial in their own marriage of 43 years.

They looked at these 5 areas:

  1. Ridding yourself of ‘old ways’, in particular anger and swearing.
  2. Not lying to each other.
  3. Developing a heart of kindness and forgiving quickly.
  4. Learning to be thankful in all circumstances.
  5. Encouraging each other in our regular walk with God.

We can develop these areas before we are married so that if and when we get married, we’ll already be able to strengthen each other, avoiding much aggravation and increasing the chances of our marriage being healthy and dynamic throughout.


  • Looking at the above 5 points, which one do you think you need to grow most in?
  • Ask any married people in your small group to speak to the group about things they have encountered since marriage, that in hindsight they wish they’d paid more attention to beforehand.
  • Talk about some of the stories Matt and Ann told about their own marriage, what things most inspired you, what things most surprised you?
  • Pray for each other in groups of 3 for one thing that you want the Holy spirit to help you in out of this Colossians passage.