Birds and Bees and Massive Questions

The Bible is full of wonderful and life-changing truths about love and relationships. We'll be exploring these and working out what believing and obeying them looks like for us today.

What is Gender?

2018-01-28 - King's Church Edinburgh

Gender is one of the most controversial and confusing topics in our culture at the moment, and Jesus wants to give us God's clarity and compassion. He offers all of us the way of the cross and the hope of new creation.

What is Marriage?

2018-02-04 - Dan Hudson

The Bible begins and ends with a marriage (Ephesians 5). The main teaching on marriage in the bible refers to both the first human marriage (Genesis 2) and the ultimate mystical union of Christ with the church.

What is Singleness?

2018-02-11 - Alice King

Singleness is something that all of us will experience for some time in our lives. Rather than seeing it as less-than-perfect or second-best, we should understand it as a gift from God which will help us be fruitful, faithful, and family to others.

What is Sexual Immorality?

2018-02-25 - King's Church Edinburgh

God has given us two excellent ways to live in regards to sex and relationships: celibate singleness and faithful heterosexual marriage. Previous preaches in this series have made the case for these, now we’re looking at what therefore is sexually immoral.

Note: this recording starts a minute into the talk, sorry for any inconvenience here.

How can I Pursue Purity?

2018-03-11 - Jen Rawson

Knowing who we are is vital if we're to pursue purity in every aspect of our lives. What God has done for us should transform the way we see ourselves and how we treat ourselves and others.

How can I be free from my past?

2018-03-18 - Dan Hudson

The nature of life outside of Christ is one of spiritual slavery, poverty and death. Through the gospel Jesus changes the status of every person who trusts in him.

How can I make good decisions?

2018-04-08 - Luke Davydaitis

Most Christians want God to guide them clearly, especially in relationships, but often God prefers to encourage us to grow in wisdom so that we can make good decisions. The book of Proverbs is full of truth to help us with this.

In Colossians Paul talks about 5 key issues that we can build as practices in our lives now to save a lot of strife later on; whether one gets married or not.