Jesus Loves Worship

Alice King

Jesus loves worship, because it is an outward demonstration of our inward love for God. Jesus loves worship, because it shows that we see ourselves for who we are, and we see God for who he is.

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Luke 7:36-50


  • How would you define worship?
  • How do we worship as a church?
  • Does that match our biblical understanding of worship? Jon Bloom (from says: "we will love God to the degree that we recognize the magnitude of our sins and the immensity of God’s grace to forgive them."
    • Do you agree?
    • What are the dangers of getting this balance of recognising our sin AND God's grace wrong? What effect does this have on our ability to worship?

More personal Questions:

  • What do you find holds you back in worship?
  • Do you identify more with Simon or with the woman?
  • If concern for your reputation or fear is preventing you from fully worshipping God, this would be a great time to pray for the assurance of God's love that casts out fear.